Ian Finkel is regarded as the World’s Greatest Xylophone Virtuoso.
He has appeared and written for such stars as Michael Feinstein, Sid Caesar,
Ginger Rogers, Tito Puente,  Larry Gatlin, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn to name just a few.

Mr. Finkel has covered much ground in the music world.  He has appeared on all major
television stations, recorded for most record labels and has had successful concert tours
in Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, England, Norway, Puerto Rico and throughout the U.S.

Ian has collaborated with Philip Glass and has heard his works performed by numerous orchestras
such as the American Symphony Orchestra and the Little Orchestra Society.

Ian has performed in and written for numerous television shows, films, and
live performances including: Love Laffs (Lifetime) with Tern Gar, Martin Mull
(Showtime), Jerry Lewis Telethon, Woody Allen’s Radio Days, Emo Phillips,
Judy Tenuta, Taj Mahal hotel (Atlantic City), Michael Feinstein on Broadway,
Sid Caesar Show at the Village Vanguard and Broadway, Second Avenue to
Broadway, Fyvush Finkel Live, Read-a-thon w/Sesame Street Players,  Rainbow
Wars (nominated for Academy Award), Songs from the Neighborhood
(Grammy Award), It’s Up To All Of Us,  Sophie Tucker In Person (Director,
Writer, Orchestrator), Addicted to Show Business (Director, Writer,  Arranger),
Nick at Nite Music of Vic Mizzy (Adams Family, Green Acres), IBM Industrials,
CNN Cable News, Port Authority, hundreds of colleges across the US and
Canada (Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, Peabody, etc.) Condo tours
of Florida, headliner on all cruise ship lines.

Ian is thrilled to have his novels, Three Is The Charm, Sex Stories My Wife Told Me,
Transmutation Blues and Vaudeville 1922 published by Denise Notermans, More4Many.
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